Studio Residency Program (pending)

Welcome to the Airsa Residency program!

This opportunity has been provided by Airsa, Professional Development for New Canadians in the Arts, in collaboration with Art Starts. This information packet will provide you with additional information about your upcoming residency with Airsa. Our mission is to provide each artist with a quality experience and an opportunity to further your work as a newcomer artist/art worker. We are glad to be able to support you and are looking forward to your time here in your new society.

Program & Facilities Studio Space

Studio Space

Location: Lower level of Yorkdale shopping centre at 3401 Dufferin St. Art Starts Back Space with two gender-neutral washrooms.

Date and time:

Artists should have access to the studio at least 2 days a week (10 am to 4 pm) by a key locker. The password will be provided to the artists after signing the agreement. Loss of keys will result in a $50.00 fee.

Remember that during Art Starts and the shopping centre events there may be some noise in the studio.

Studio usage:

Each artist is expected to use their studio space regularly. Airsa studio residency is a pilot project for new Canadian Artists to start over their practice and strengthen their network in their new country. Artists who fail to use their studio space and cancel their reserved dates more than 2 times during their residency period might be asked to leave the residency.

Bridge-to-work Program

This program is a portion of the residency and includes training, workshops, Skillshare classes, exhibition, artist talk, screening, networking sessions, and etc. that connects the artists with various art organizations, and communities in Toronto.

Airsa Exhibitions / Performances

Arisa tries to have a public showcase each year and is willing to work with each resident artist to present an exhibition and/or performance during their residency. Each situation may vary depending on the art practice and/or length of the residency. These exhibitions are scheduled in advance with the residency schedule in mind.

Living Space

Airsa has not a living space for this residency program.


The studio is equipped with many standard art supplies such as paint brushes, easels, table, chair, a pottery wheel, a kiln, WiFi, screen, projector, sewing machine, and etc. They are available on certain circumstances and must be requested at least 2 weeks in advance.

Use of kitchen is permitted to bring in outside food and drinks.

What the artist should bring?

Their own art supplies if they wish.


Artists will be asked to provide documentation of their residency work plan, daily activities, and sign-in/sign-out sheet on each working day.

Also, we hope to compile an online yearly review, so please do share any additional documentation that can be made available to the public.

Payment & Fees

This program costs approximately $500.00 monthly for each artist but is provided free of charge for new Canadian artists/art workers with the support of Art Starts and Ontario Arts Council.

Insurance Coverage

During the artist stay at Airsa residency, they are covered under our general liability insurance. This does not cover any personal property that may be damaged or stolen while in residence with Airsa. Artists are encouraged to provide their own insurance for these instances.

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