101 Coaching Sessions

  • December 2017 to September 2018
  • Sponsor: Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration
  • Partners: Paralia Newcomer Network and East End Arts

One-on-one coaching sessions to access crucial information for newcomer artists when trying to continue their artistic practice in their new country. Delivered by former newcomers who are now established art professionals with vast experience in dealing with immigrants and barriers in the arts sector.

Each Session is 2 hours long and each artist is able to access 2 in-person meetings. In addition to the one-on-one meetings, the coaches are available by email and phone, over the period for questions that raised. These sessions take place in different locations across the city of Toronto, such as art centres, libraries and coffee shops.

Final Networking Session:

When: September 17th

Where: East End Arts

Invitation to the participant artists

Outcome Measure

Percentage of participants who agreed that the project helped them participate more actively in their community: %100

Percentage of organizations who agree that a multi-stakeholder initiative led to better coordination and partnership on issues of interest to ethno-cultural communities: %100

Percentage of participants who agree that community engagement was improved by the project: %90

Percentage of participants who are willing to continue taking Airsa and Paralia’s workshops and training in future: %80

Percentage of participants who had a chance to speak to the grant officers and art organizations’ staff in an informal and friendly environment: %80

Please stay tuned for the next round of this program!

For more information please contact info@airsa.org or visit HERE.