Board of Directors

Ely Lyonblum | Chair

Active as an arts and culture educator, Ely has directed documentary films and produced recordings for the British Library, the Smithsonian Institution, the MIT Media Lab, and CBC Radio 1. His kaleidoscopic passion for the arts has led to projects on American Sign Language performance art, West African storytelling through song, and spoken word poetry in maritime Canada. Ely trained as a documentary filmmaker at the Centre for Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths, University of London, where he co-founded ART/E/FACT, a publication and event series of art and anthropology. He recently completed a PhD in the Faculty of Music at the University of Cambridge, where he co-convened the conference and artist residency Sound Studies: Art, Experience, Politics. Ely regularly teaches and publishes internationally, while focusing on local initiatives in newcomer arts as the Chair of the Board of Directors at Airsa Art & Thought Association.


Viola Dessanti | Board Member

Viola Dessanti is a measurement, analytics and learning professional with over 15 years of experience in international and local community development. Her sweet spot is supporting teams in philanthropy, not-for-profit and public sector to use insights, data and learning to accelerate their impact.

Currently, Viola is leading the effort to transform the Toronto Federation in order to be more data-driven and outcomes oriented. She is building and growing a team to develop and implement new granting systems and processes that are supported by learning, data and evidence based practices. This includes developing and implementing a strategy to change the way that the organizations makes grants to its partner agencies and community organizations to be more impactful, innovative and efficient. Viola is also developing and delivering a tactical plan to develop Federation’s first Business Intelligence Strategy.


Roz Mak| Board Member

Data Analyst with experience in entrepreneurial and organizational analytics and research projects. Competent in marketing analytics, reporting, machine learning and AI, advanced mathematics and statistical analysis, with fluency in data visualization and storytelling to clearly communicate data to project stakeholders. Passionate to find unique and innovative approaches to reveal digital marketing trends.