Positive City

Conceptual Art Exhibition: An HIV/AIDS awareness-raising approach

UNICEF Iran supported Positive City held in Tehran’s Laleh Park in December 2007.

This conceptual art exhibition had all the various elements of a real city, including schools, a coffee shop and even an “Altar of love”. In each of these installations, one of the aspects of HIV/AIDS will be put on display, together with suggestions for ways how to address the problem. It formed part of the global campaign on HIV/AIDS “Take the Lead!” hold in the Crisis Management Hall in the Laleh Park and will run from 2 to 8 December 2007. Linking art with public advocacy, the project aims to further increase awareness for HIV/AIDS prevention and to foster a discussion about the stigma and discrimination faced by people living with the virus.

In partnership with:  Tehran municipality, Iran’s Centre for Disease Control, UNAIDS and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).


Hidden Journey

A drug and HIV prevention exhibition titled “Drug Adventure on Human Body” was held on 26 June 2009, on the occasion of the International Day against Drug Abuse and illicit Trafficking, in the Salamat Cultural Complex.

The “Human Body Exhibition” was designed and implemented by AIRSA NGO with the cooperation of the Children and Adolescent Cultural and Educational Center in order to increase the knowledge of children on drugs and HIV. In this exhibition, the maquette and pictures of different parts of human body and brain were fabricated so that children and teenagers could become familiar and be educated on different types of drugs (such as heroin, opium, and crystal meth) and their effects on body, brain, and mind. It lasted one week and 450 children and teenagers visited the exhibition. Based on the results of the assessments, the “Drug Adventure” exhibition was helpful in increasing the knowledge and information of the teenagers.

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Leisure Activities for High Risk Students

Leisure Activities for High Risk Students

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Joint drug prevention initiative on “Life skills training for high-risk students through alternative and leisure activities” was conducted under IRNI55 Project “Nationwide Drug Prevention Measures in the Islamic Republic of Iran” with close cooperation of Iranian Civil Society Management and Development Institute, Social Psychological Health Society, Airsa Art,Thought Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) and Tomorrow Family Association during November-December 2009. This endeavor was an innovative method to train children at high-risk on life skills as well as drug and HIV prevention through dramatic arts, writing, painting, pottery making, group workings, workshops, and games. More than 30 full day training was conducted in this regard, in schools, Non-governmental organizations working with street children and institutions, covering more than 800 children at high-risk. Meanwhile, implementing this kind of creative activities on life skills training as well as drug and HIV prevention has helped to enhance children awareness and their expertise in these fields, providing them necessary tools and strength to confront hard situations in their lives.

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