In this workshop we used our present, our bodies, and our memories, to uncover the power in each of our journeys as artists.  Our own stories, individual and collective, became a work of art. Through a series of improvisations, participants developed small scenes that assembled together, collectively by the group, into a short play.

Participants had great time and exposure. Learned a lot about themselves, each other, and how to be more confident to express their artists’ ego.


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Photos by: Dayna Dickenson

Facilitator: Beatriz Pizano (Artistic Director at Aluna Theatre)

August 3, 2016



Participants testimonials:

“I enjoyed sharing experiences with others and knowing new people.”

“Was witnessing our stories, unfolding in our mental, emotional, physical, creative and spiritual bodies.”

“Gave everybody to express themselves in their own unique way. Gave us a chance to explore our potentials”