Airsa Art & Thought Association

Airsa Art & Thought Association is a Toronto-based not for profit organization registered in Ontario in Dec 2015 based on its history in Iran from 2003.

Airsa’s goal is to support Internationally Educated Artists/Art Workers who are new to Canada through training, events, and community art initiatives to create a context for them to thrive and adapt to the new society, Toronto.

Airsa means Rainbow in ancient Persian Language. 

Our Objectives

  • Reviving and reintroducing the arts to the society.
  • Reducing the gap between the artists’ community and the public and developing some effective interaction among them through arts.
  • Serving and providing facilities for the growth of newcomer and local artists from the community to enter the workforce as artists and art workers.
  • Motivating and providing services for people with interest to learn and create art.


We believe:

  • Art and visual literacy are a necessity to better communicate with the members of the society.
  • Culture is an individual’s identity.
  • Remarkable newcomer artists’ practice has the positive impact on society.
  • Interaction among communities enriches multicultural acceptance.

Our partners:


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